My first ebay

After all these years of buying stuff on ebay and selling books on, i finally have actually listed something on ebay to sell. It’s my Nokia 5300 Xpress Music phone. It finally occurred to me to get it replaced since the call clarity was bad and it’s under warranty until August. I just got the new one today though, and I still don’t like it. I don’t use the MP3 player and I don’t like how hard it is for me to hear the person on the other end. So, i’m selling it.

I plan to buy a phone that has a 3.2 megapixel camera to replace it. Or, should i say, a camera with a phone in it. 😀

While i’m on the topic of cell phones, i’ll quickly sing the praises of T-Mobile. They saved my ass last month when i went way over my minutes, to the tune of $100. I gave them a call before the billing cycle was up and they simply moved me temporarily to a plan with all the minutes i could possibly use, for only $20 extra (which actually turned into $40 because of increased taxes and a few extra text messages in addition to the minutes, but that’s still better than $100+). No contract extension. In fact, it seems someone effed up and only signed me up for a one-year contract last August (that Nokia was supposed to be free with a 2-year). I’ll be sticking with them anyway. The iPhone is really enticing, but i hate AT&T with a passion. I could always hack one and use it on T-Mobile if i worked up the balls.


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