First of all, thanks for leaving so many wonderful comments on my last post. It meant a lot to me.

My sister Amy and her son Harper are visiting from Oregon right now. They arrived on Wednesday and the three of us and Mom had fun shopping around the East Village of Des Moines, going to see WALL-E, reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and generally hanging out. Friday evening Uncle Doug and Aunt Vicki had a little BBQ to celebrate, and of course their whole branch of the family was there. Saturday we drove out to Uncle Dave’s and visited with that bunch and Harper had fun playing with his second cousins. It had been a couple years since most of us had seen each other, and it was nice to be able to catch up.

That evening Mom, Amy and I went to see Ani DiFranco at The Capitol Theater in Davenport. I never cease to be amazed by how much she rocks. She was a little less talkative than the last time i saw her over in Iowa City with Emily last summer, but that’s okay.

I wish i’d taken pictures of all this stuff. 😦 Next time.

Yesterday Amy & Harps headed for Cedar Rapids and Mom & I came back to DM. On our way we stopped at the Amana colonies for lunch and picked up some blueberry wine. I hadn’t been around there in quite a few years. It’s really well-maintained and cute, but it was so hot that we didn’t stick around for long.

My Mama in Amana

Bumble Bee

I saw some paintings by this Chicago artist Laura Lee Junge in a little gallery there, and i thought they were really neat:

On an unrelated note, my current goal in life is to decide on an apartment to move to in Des Moines, which is proving to be a major headache. But i got my new camera phone today, so playing with that should relieve some stress for sure.


7 thoughts on “Growing

  1. I remember going to the Amanas when I was little and being bored out of my mind.

    I like the picture of the coneflower, by the way.


  2. Aww, what pretty picture of your Mommy!! I really wish I had been able to visit Amy and Harper. I’m about the only one that didn’t get to see them. I had Nora’s Bachelorette party Friday night, moved into the condo Saturday morning, and then drove back to Ames to do other things. Sucks! I really thought we would be able to meet up. I was looking for a place to live when you were finding a job and now io am trying to find a job and you are looking for a place to live. Funny, funny! You know what else is funny? We have no furniture. But at least we got someone to buy our table and chairs for $40!


  3. Great pic of mom, thanks for that. πŸ™‚ Lemme know how the apartment hunt goes. I vote for a loft downtown… solidify that artist persona in you. πŸ˜‰ Love you.


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