Goals for 2014

This. (Which i found here):

The real lesson is to look for and recognise as many [of] these little pleasures as you can! smile when you find one. Eventually you should find enough that each smile lasts until you find the next one and hey-presto; happiness.

Too often we look for what is wrong. Society trains us that way: it tells us that life is not good enough and that [in] all areas our mission is to ‘improve’ and how we should improve is to look for what we are doing wrong and fix it. This is often why we see the most successful in society are also the unhappiest – they are experts [in] focusing on the faults.

Live life. It’s a miracle that you’re here at all.

So this year i’m gonna chill a little bit on the goal-setting. Last year i did cut back on social media and i think that was a good choice, but i essentially failed all of my other goals. So this year there are just three tangible things i want to do:

1. Try a local dance class. There’s a very cheap adult hip-hop dance class down on the south side that i plan to get my butt to next week. I think it’ll be great fun and great exercise.

2. Learn a little German. I actually enjoy learning languages, and i want to learn some German before we go to Europe this September. I found a pretty decent website called Livemocha that i’ve already been doing some lessons on. Das ist gut!

3. Do NaNoWriMo again. One of these years i’m going to come up with a good story to write, i’m determined.

That’s it. There are other things i want to work on, of course, but it’s more important that i “follow my joy,” as they say, than try to fix what i think i’m doing wrong.

Happy new year!


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