Chaos Ensues

I don’t have any pictures to post, for several reasons: 1. I’ve lost my cameraphone. 2. My CF card reader is still packed away somewhere, and 3. I haven’t taken any pictures this week, since my life is in utter chaos and really isn’t photogenic at the moment.

Okay, maybe “utter chaos” is a little strong. Here’s the story: i packed all my stuff up last week, and on Friday Nathan and i started taking SUV-loads of my crap from the old place at Franklin Court down to the new loft downtown. I lost count around six. I cannot understand how all of my stuff fit in three small sedan-loads and one U-Haul for the furniture just seven months ago. I suppose a U-Haul is pretty huge, but i swear i’d already moved most of the boxes by then. All i’ve acquired since is a dresser and bedside table. And some odds and ends – but honestly. It doesn’t add up in my mind.

Saturday we finished moving all the furniture with a little help from Nathan’s family and friends, and we cleaned the old apartment thoroughly, turned the lights off, shut the door and turned in the keys. It was far more emotional than we had anticipated. Perhaps it was just the finality of those fore-mentioned actions – i’ve never really done all of that. Last time i left my roommate to do all the cleaning and key-returning. The dorm rooms i had were never difficult to leave. The move out of our house a couple summers ago was a slow, transitional process and i was damn grateful to be done with it by the end. I haven’t cried about leaving a dwelling probably since we moved away from Eugene. And i was only in this place for seven months.

I guess it was partly the fact that it was my first and only place all to myself, and it was a symbol of my independence. But more importantly, some memories were made there that will probably have significance for the rest of my life. The rest of our lives.

I park my car now three blocks away from the loft at Nathan’s workplace, and when we were returning from it Saturday night we managed to be locked out of our new building. The hard keys don’t work in the outside doors and the key-cards they gave us also failed to work, due to some error in setting them up. The garage door opener is currently the only way for us to enter the building, and that, of course, was in the car. Luckily someone came to visit a friend, and we followed him as he was buzzed-in.

We spent some time yesterday putting things away, and the loft is slowly starting to feel like home. We have no blinds yet, so the giant window-wall exposes us to the inanimate brick wall across the alley. We’ve purchased a sofa-and-loveseat set which will be delivered next weekend. The cable and internet were not ready for us and won’t be until Wednesday, and we can’t yet use our washer and dryer since they require some bracket in order to be stacked, and will be hooked up upon the installation of that item. We don’t know when. Our stock of clean clothes is running dangerously low, but i refuse to go to a laundromat.

More updates to come in a few days. I’m going to be very difficult to reach until i get a replacement for my phone. 😦 I had just been thinking how grateful i was to have that thing, actually, since Nathan’s phone was damaged on Friday and he had to buy a replacement. I lost mine the next day, and really can’t figure out where it could be. It’s dead, of course. Phones only get lost when they’re desperately low on battery power.


Sarah Palin Costume

Check me out! I’m Steph Palin. 🙂 Actually, i did one of those “What would Sarah Palin have named you?” things and my name became Stag Tunnel Palin.

Steph Palin

This is my Halloween costume. I think it’s pretty darn good.


First of all, thanks for leaving so many wonderful comments on my last post. It meant a lot to me.

My sister Amy and her son Harper are visiting from Oregon right now. They arrived on Wednesday and the three of us and Mom had fun shopping around the East Village of Des Moines, going to see WALL-E, reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and generally hanging out. Friday evening Uncle Doug and Aunt Vicki had a little BBQ to celebrate, and of course their whole branch of the family was there. Saturday we drove out to Uncle Dave’s and visited with that bunch and Harper had fun playing with his second cousins. It had been a couple years since most of us had seen each other, and it was nice to be able to catch up.

That evening Mom, Amy and I went to see Ani DiFranco at The Capitol Theater in Davenport. I never cease to be amazed by how much she rocks. She was a little less talkative than the last time i saw her over in Iowa City with Emily last summer, but that’s okay.

I wish i’d taken pictures of all this stuff. 😦 Next time.

Yesterday Amy & Harps headed for Cedar Rapids and Mom & I came back to DM. On our way we stopped at the Amana colonies for lunch and picked up some blueberry wine. I hadn’t been around there in quite a few years. It’s really well-maintained and cute, but it was so hot that we didn’t stick around for long.

My Mama in Amana

Bumble Bee

I saw some paintings by this Chicago artist Laura Lee Junge in a little gallery there, and i thought they were really neat:

On an unrelated note, my current goal in life is to decide on an apartment to move to in Des Moines, which is proving to be a major headache. But i got my new camera phone today, so playing with that should relieve some stress for sure.

My first ebay

After all these years of buying stuff on ebay and selling books on, i finally have actually listed something on ebay to sell. It’s my Nokia 5300 Xpress Music phone. It finally occurred to me to get it replaced since the call clarity was bad and it’s under warranty until August. I just got the new one today though, and I still don’t like it. I don’t use the MP3 player and I don’t like how hard it is for me to hear the person on the other end. So, i’m selling it.

I plan to buy a phone that has a 3.2 megapixel camera to replace it. Or, should i say, a camera with a phone in it. 😀

While i’m on the topic of cell phones, i’ll quickly sing the praises of T-Mobile. They saved my ass last month when i went way over my minutes, to the tune of $100. I gave them a call before the billing cycle was up and they simply moved me temporarily to a plan with all the minutes i could possibly use, for only $20 extra (which actually turned into $40 because of increased taxes and a few extra text messages in addition to the minutes, but that’s still better than $100+). No contract extension. In fact, it seems someone effed up and only signed me up for a one-year contract last August (that Nokia was supposed to be free with a 2-year). I’ll be sticking with them anyway. The iPhone is really enticing, but i hate AT&T with a passion. I could always hack one and use it on T-Mobile if i worked up the balls.