Farewell to Glitch

Remember that awesome game i told you about? Well, i haven’t played in several weeks and now it’s going to be shut down.

Sad Glitch Girl

I feel like a jerk for resisting paying real money to play Glitch. ‘Cause this wasn’t just Farmville, this was a thing of beauty. It was a community of interesting people. It was something that some very talented people worked really hard to create. It was imaginative and multi-faceted and enriching, even if it was just a video game. It turns out that if you love a game you have to take it a little bit seriously, because the people who make games have to put food on the table, too. So i’m sorry, Tiny Speck, for never paying to play Glitch.

I’ve learned something from this, and also from The Happiness Project—if something brings you happiness, it’s worth spending money on. I mean, my dad taught me that lesson a long time ago, but for some reason i treated things that i could get for free as an exception. That’s why i played Glitch without subscribing, and it’s why i listen to Spotify for free and never buy music anymore. So, i’m thinking of ways to put more support toward the things that bring me joy. I might buy CDs again or subscribe to Spotify. I might get into vinyl and go for the whole audiophile thing. I might pay a few bucks the next time a really good game catches my attention. I want to go see the Mucha exhibit in Cedar Rapids. I’ve been buying an ebook here and there. I should try to buy more handmade stuff and fewer sweatshop clothes. I might take another Yoga class or dance class. I recently bought/adopted a dog and have been buying some toys that really make him happy. 🙂 Generally, i have a hard time allowing myself to spend money where it isn’t really necessary to do so (except on good food), but i could and should loosen up a little bit. Because things like Glitch need my support to survive.


Adventure Time!

Here’s another thing i’ve been doing with my time lately: watching Adventure Time! It’s a silly cartoon and we love it.

Nathan’s birthday happened recently, and i had nothing but Christmas wrapping paper for gifts, so i made my own gift wrap out of a paper bag instead. I drew Finn & Jake on it for him. I think it turned out cooler than the actual gift (a mandoline). 🙂

Hand-decorated gift wrap for nathan

Video games and cartoons and drawing. I guess i’m reliving my teens right now.


I have to admit that i haven’t been blogging lately because i’ve been spending a lot of my spare time playing a videogame called Glitch. It’s an MMO (massive multiplayer online) game that runs on Flash right in the browser. And it’s fun and addicting and quite pretty…

My character’s name is Bunnie. And i’m, um, selling some guano in that box on the wall. It’s profitable!

My character is actually playing a mini game of glitch here. That’s her house in the background

There are strange places in the world…

…And sometimes people get together and party

I love the art.


You get a house and you can build a tower and grow and collect and build and make things and wander around the huge world and play mini-games… It’s entertaining. I have 3 invites, so let me know if you want one. I think i’m feeling a little less obsessed with it now, so i should be writing more soon.

Home for the Holidays

I wouldn’t have phrased it that way, considering that Dustin only lived in Iowa until he was seven, but he himself said it on Myspace. Nathan and i picked him up at the airport on Saturday, and we had a mini-Christmas with him and Tim and Jamie that evening. It’s been ridiculously cold here, as a nice big “Welcome!” The high yesterday was negative one, and the wind-chill factor made it feel something like thirty below. It didn’t keep us indoors all day, though! Last night mom, Nathan, Dustin and i went out for dinner and a few drinks.

Dustin Drinking Santa's Butt
Dustin drinking Santa’s Butt

Santa's Butt

Dustin was so impressed by the beer and scotch selection at the Royal Mile that he asked that we take him back before he leaves on Friday. There’s still a lot of partying left to do this week!


I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure out how to use Flickr as a photo host. My god. All this time i’ve been uploading my photos separately to 1. Facebook (sometimes) 2. Flickr (always), and 3. my own website, in order to then post them on my blog. I thought it was dumb that i couldn’t just post my Flickr photos on my blog and that there had to be some way to do it, but i was too dumb to figure it out until just now.

Apparently, you have to go to the photo on flickr, click on “all sizes” and then you’ll see the url for the photo. Is it just me or is that really non-intuitive?

Anyway, the photo is of a little shiba inu puppy Dan and i played with at a pet store in Des Moines on Friday. We went down there to eat at Red Robin and it just happened to be right by Pet Land, and there just happened to be a Shiba Inu puppy there. I want one really bad now. I would give it a japanese name, probably something from Sailor Moon like Usagi or Minako, to the poor pup’s everlasting shame.

We got Dr. Mario – Online RX for Wii this weekend and stayed up until 4 am with Ryan two nights in a row playing it. Talk about addicting. Saturday we got out for a while though, and ventured through the rain to Ledges state park on the motorcycles. We parked up above the closed-off park and hiked down to where we could see the water that’s completely overtaken the area. Most of the streets are open around central iowa, but the water levels are definitely still much higher than normal.

Oh wow, i can use Facebook as a photo host too!

Ledges photos courtesy of Ryan

Today we played more Dr. Mario with Nina, Karl and Ryan and then played some frisbee and boccee ball. We are covered in mosquito bites now, but it was worth it. Tomorrow i head to Des Moines for an interview, and will probably give Innova a follow-up call.