Springing into action

A few months ago i became the proud owner of a brand new iPod Touch 32gb, partly because i’d exceeded the capacity of my 20gb iPod classic, and partly just because the Touch is effing sweet and i had to have it. One of the coolest things about it is the built-in Nike + receiver, which, coupled with a little sensor that i attach to my running shoe, helps me track my performance as i begin running again this spring. Well, it tries to, anyway.

Nike + run

Above is a graph which tracks my third run of the season. When i connect my iPod to my computer, the information about my run is transferred to the computer and then to the Nike plus website, where i see this little graph. It’s pretty much useless, considering that the green line is drawn on an un-labeled graph with axes that don’t even make a lot of sense – “distance” and “faster.” It does, however, tell me how far i went, and when i roll over those little dots along the line it tells me what my pace was at that point. At that last dot i was going at about 8min/mile, for instance. That’s pretty sweet, but as you can see i’m not able to maintain that pace for very long yet.

Last year i followed a schedule that i found on a wikiHow article about how to start running. It listed a different workout to do each week, three times a week, and i gradually worked up to running three miles without stopping. Then i quit for the cold season, and was disappointed to realize when i first ran again this season that i’m pretty much back at square one for endurance. Thus, i’m back at the beginning of that wikiHow schedule. Actually i started out at week two, alternating 90 seconds of running with 90 seconds of walking. This week i’ll begin the “week 3” schedule, alternating 90-second and 3-minute run/walks for a total of four.

The run i’ve posted here is pretty pathetic, but hopefully i’ll be progressing pretty quickly and you’ll all get to watch it and cheer me on. My goal is to run a 25 minute 5k within about three months.


Sexy sexy sexy

Come on – what else would you expect from an Adamo?? 😉

(CC) BrianSolis. www.briansolis.com.

This is the first photo of the Dell Adamo. It’s thinner than the Macbook Air. It comes in black and “white” (it looks more like silver to me). Sleek, sexy – what more could a devout PC user want?

(…How about MY NAME BACK? PLS.)

The Need for Touch

New iPod Touch 2G

So, the new iPod touch has Nike + built in! And actually you can get that in a software update for your old iPod touch, too, but (Edit: Gizmodo has confirmed that Nike + only works with the new iPod touch, not the old one or the iPhone) the new one is obviously cooler and they’ve dropped the price by $100. The 32gb model is still $399, but i’m thinking as soon as they start having to refurbish them in a few months i’m gonna GET ONE!

Christmas would be just about perfect…

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

I am just not ready for this Fall thing yet. 😦 Yesterday i tried to convince myself that it still felt like Summer, but today i really can’t pretend.

Cubbies Game
Mom and i went to an I-Cubs game over the long weekend.

It’s not that i don’t like Fall, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love Fall. I think it’s the most romantic season, which actually might drive me crazy this year since i have nobody to squeeze. What i’m really not happy about is the fact that Fall never lasts more than a few weeks here, it just goes straight into winter and i HATE winter. I mean, i can tolerate it for a long time, but when it’s been snowing for three months already and there’s no end in sight, i get pretty angry.

I’m gonna get me a garage this year, though, so that should help my nerves quite a lot.

In the news: John McCain was an exotic dancer back in the day. His new running mate, Sarah Palin, is a horrible, horrible person. Google’s new browser Chrome is only for Windows. I want an Intel Mac, so i don’t have to be jealous about that sort of thing anymore. I also want a new iPod, but rather than one with a larger capacity than my 4th generation iPod Classic 20gb, i’m thinking of getting a Nano because… drum roll… I’ve taken up running. I’m actually improving a lot and it’s only been three weeks, so now i’m thinking about getting the Nike + iPod system because everyone says it’s so cool. And it only works with Nanos. Sigh. Apple is about to release a new nano, though, so hopefully the prices on the old ones will drop.