PETA has gone too far

Photo courtesy of coolz0r

I cannot sit here and not sound off about PETA right now. Which is probably what they want, but whatever.

I was a vegetarian for two years. I started eating meat again because i felt like i was missing out on a lot that the world had to offer. But i still believe in the ethical treatment of animals. I hope i’m never associated with PETA though, because they’re complete idiots for what they’re doing right now.

I dismissed it when they went and freed a bunch of animals that wouldn’t be able to survive on their own. I chuckled a little at the “sea kittens” idea and moved along. But now they’re using sex to get attention, and it just doesn’t make any sense.

I’ve made my peace with porn. I’m okay with porn for porn’s sake. I like the Victoria’s Secret fashion show as much as the next person. Women are smart enough to make their own choices about what they want to do with their bodies. But seeing a naked woman holding a sign that says “i’d rather be naked than wear fur” galls me, because ANIMAL RIGHTS have NOTHING to do with sex. In fact, the correlation of the two is almost as gross to me as snuff films, which correlate sex and murder. I don’t want someone looking at my body and thinking of dead animals. Nor do i want someone looking at a steak and thinking of my body. Neither situation would do a fucking thing for PETA. In fact, the latter might work against them. And the former might drive me to burn them down.

It’s no secret that sex is used to sell pretty much everything – alcohol, chocolate, TIRES – but never so blatantly. Looking at photos like this, i’d think i was looking at an actual advertisement for Penthouse. Not for fucking ETHICS. Isn’t PETA in need of the attention of some pretty conservative people, anyway? Aren’t more conservative people likely to be disgusted by such liberal tactics? The only people likely to approve of these ads are extremely liberal – and probably already vegetarians. You know, maybe those people who carry around giant pictures of aborted babies should try this tactic. And maybe PETA should start carrying around big photos of slaughtered calves.

Come to think of it, maybe if i posted a photo of myself in pasties a lot of people would read my blog…


Too Many Puppies

By now probably everyone has seen this since it made national news and all, but for the record i want to say that i thought Shiba Inu puppies were particularly adorable before the Puppy Cam came along.

I want a puppy!!!