Can’t Stop the Serenity

Yesterday evening Nathan and i attended an event called Can’t Stop the Serenity. (Here’s the page for the Des Moines Chapter.) Basically, it was a showing of the cult movie Serenity down at the Fleur, but it was so much more than that.


The first time i saw this movie was about three years ago and I pretty much hated it. I was told that without the context of the Syfy show Firefly on which it’s based, it probably wasn’t as good. So this spring when Nathan started watching episodes of Firefly on Netflix Instant Play, i wasn’t very interested at first. However, unlike Stargate which failed to interest me even after several chances, the show soon drew me in and Nathan and i finished up the one and only season together in no time. Afterward we watched Serenity, which was SO MUCH BETTER the second time.

So then a couple weeks ago i heard via twitter about this event called Can’t Stop the Serenity. There are a lot of Firefly fans out there (called “browncoats”) whose love for the series has only been fueled by the fact that it was canceled so early on and by their hopes that it might be revived again some day. These fans get together once a year in quite a few different cities around the world to watch Serenity on the big screen. I figured the event would probably be a nerdfest and thus a pretty awesome time. I had no idea.

First there was a costume contest which we missed and which we realized once we got there that we probably could have won if we’d dressed up. There were door prizes which included Anime box sets, chopsticks-and-pocky combinations and Firefly fanclub memorabilia. We won some fake Firefly universe currency – w00t! There was a showing of Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which we discovered is a short musical starring Neil Patrick Harris that was directed by Joss Whedon, the same guy who did Firefly (and a lot of other stuff, it turns out). That was pretty enjoyable. And then, of course, there was Serenity. (Which was STILL BETTER the third time around.)

But besides all of the delightful nerdery, there was a really good cause for all of this. I knew that the proceeds were going to be donated to a charity, but i was excited to learn that Equality Now is an organization that essentially fights against the things i hate the most in this world: rape, domestic violence, reproductive rights violations, trafficking, female genital mutilation, and gender discrimination. Unfortunately, i didn’t learn about this until after the silent auction had ended or i probably would have ponied up at least fifty bucks for a graphic novel to benefit this organization right then and there. (I can still donate, of course, but i won’t get a sweet comic book out of it.)

The main aim of Equality Now is to facilitate awareness about the atrocities being committed against women every day all over the world. It upsets me enough that i find it hard to write about, but this is something i think is really important so please check out their website and be sure to like them on facebook!

So nerdy sci-fi love + proceeds going to a great cause = a really awesome event that i’m already planning to attend again next year. And with that, i’ve just destroyed whatever “cool points” i may have gained with my big bro by drinking IPAs with him over the past couple of weeks. 😉



Hi, i’m alive. I’ve been busy with packing and cleaning and moving and un-packing lately, but we’re almost completely un-packed and settled in now, so it won’t be long before i can take some pictures and blog about the whole experience. We’ve already had trouble with two appliances, but we really like the new place and it’s already feeling a lot like home (and saving us money, to boot!).

I’ve been running a little lately (on a treadmill – which i love because there are no hills, no chilly winds or sweltering sunshine and i don’t run long enough to get bored anyway). My normal clothes are starting to fit nicely again. 🙂 I haven’t connected to Nike+ in a long time, so maybe i’ll do that and post a run soon. We’ve also been taking ballroom dancing classes, which are a lot of fun. Nathan is a natural.

We’ve been watching some classic Sci-Fi moves that i somehow missed, like The Terminator and Planet of the Apes. I love it. I’ve been reading about love & marriage, ’cause what could be happier? I’ve been listening to all sorts of music for free on, which i highly recommend. The snows have all but melted and we are all very grateful that spring is making its long-awaited arrival. Today is the first work day on Daylight Saving Time, though, which is always a little challenging. 😕

Stay tuned – and in the meantime, check out my wedding inspiration blog if you haven’t already.