Des Moines Arts Festival ’10

Yesterday Mom, Nathan and i braved the sweltering heat to visit the The Des Moines Arts Festival. As you may know, it’s an event i like to attend every year and have blogged about before. Last year we were able to walk to the festival from our loft, which was pretty nice. This year we drove, and it was well worth the ride and the heat.

I was drawn to some of the same artists this year that i have enjoyed in years past, which means that if i had, say, and extra $1,300 lying around it would be well worth it to invest in a painting since my taste isn’t changing too rapidly. If only! Anyway, here are some of my faves:

Bruce Holwerda
Bruce Holwerda

I posted about this artist last time, but i was very happy to see him return to the festival this year because i think his paintings are so lovely and interesting.

<a href="; target="_blank"Rick Preston
Rick Preston

I’m always drawn to the photography, as you can see…

Andrew Sofjani
Andrew Sofjani

David Powers
David Powers

It seems that strong, simple forms are what i enjoy the most. There were a couple of other painters that i enjoyed a lot but they have crap for websites so i couldn’t find good images to post. I also wanted to mention Keith Grace‘s work again but i couldn’t find images of his new object-on-gray pieces.

Check ’em out, and if you missed the festival this year, i highly recommend that you not miss out again next year!


I took photos!

How could i resist? Everything is so beautiful right now with spring in full bloom.

Our Daffodils

We had one little bunch of daffodils in the back yard about two weeks ago.

Our Tulip 2

Now we have a single tulip in the front yard.


…And we have a bunch of these little bluebells in the front & back.

Tree Blossoms

The trees down at the park are starting to bloom. It’s really a nice little park, though the waterfowl are few and far between at the pond.

Tree Buds

Happy spring!! 🙂

Photographic Proof

We are officially unpacked! The house is all put together and minus a few missing mirrors and a couple of photo frames i’d like to buy, the interior is just the way i want it.

Moving was a pain, as moving always is. We got a key to the new place one week before we had to be out of the old place, and we spent that week packing, taking some boxes over to the new place and painting the bedroom from pink to light gray. Let me tell you, we are not expert painters. I think the last time i painted was about ten years ago and somehow i figured that experience was all i needed under my belt to painlessly paint a bedroom. I was wrong.

We used 2/3 of the gallon of white paint that the landlord gave us on the first coat and the room still looked patchy. So, i decided to buy another gallon, and i figured that changing the color slightly from white to light gray wouldn’t matter much. Wrong again! After the first coat of the gray paint, it still looked patchy. So we went at it again. And after the second coat, we had to go back and fill in what patches still remained. And then we took the tape off the edges, and the trim was messy. I am hiring a professional next time.

Moving the big stuff was easy because we had a team of four helpers and a u-haul. Thank God. Unpacking has taken a lot longer than i thought it would, but it feels awesome now and less than a month has passed. Yay! On with the show:

The house, with our two cars in the two-car garage!

Our kitchen which, sadly, lacks a dishwasher.

The living room/dining room

What it looks like from the other side. That mirror came with the place and is nailed into the wall, and that’s a gas fireplace below it.

The bedroom. Notice the paint job! I want to add a colorful quilt to break up all the gray.

I think we’re calling this room the den, maybe?

The bathroom. It got painted a light tan color before we moved in. Things to notice: green tiles, heat lamp, cedar ceiling.

Our crazy tub.

We have a weird semi-circular concrete patio thing in the back

And we’ve got a few little plants popping up in the back yard. Happy Spring!

There are more photos in my flickr photo set if that wasn’t enough for you. More details to come. 🙂

Des Moines Arts Festival

Mom and i visited the Des Moines Arts Festival this weekend, which is one of my favorite things to do in the summertime. We’re lucky to get such a wide variety of artists from all over the country, some of whom even come more than once despite the awful weather–be it sweltering heat, torrential downpours or, this year’s surprise, a gale storm.

Here are a few of my favorites, or at least the ones from whom i was able to snatch a business card with a web address.

KEITH GRACE – This one appealed to the graphic designer in me because of the bright colors, simple images and the use of typography as texture. Fun collage/paintings, just really cool to look at.

CHRIS HONEYSETT – Obviously a great black & white photographer. Who doesn’t love fog photos?

BRUCE HOLWERDA – These paintings are just so whimsical and colorful and beautiful. I love that he captures the magic of dance and uses techniques like splatter painting and collage-like color so that the image almost seems to glitter.

So check out their websites, buy me a print or two… And come with us next year. We’ll get a four-dollar beer and gripe about all the other gawkers.